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Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401E-PRO

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Sun Joe Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401E is one of the most affordable lawn mowers on the market at the moment, and today we are going to have a close-up look at it. This is basically your bog-standard, no-frills, “does what it says on the tin” electric lawn mower. Nothing amazing in terms of what you get, but gets on with the job. Suggestmeshop start by having a look at the design, then we will talk you through assembly and most importantly how it performs.

Just because you don’t have the budget for a luxury alternative doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a reliable lawnmower. The Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401E 14″ Electrical Wire Trimmer costs significantly less than the other options on our list but still offers valuable features.

The first thing to mention about San Jo is how small it is. The 14″ blade is much smaller than the other options on our list. It is not practical for medium to large farms, but for anything less than 1/4 acre, this small size can be a valuable asset. Large, heavy lawn mowers are not practical in a small yard or yard that requires a lot of maneuvering around rocks or other yards. However, this compact size makes this mower an excellent choice for small storage areas.

Why We Like It – Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401E

The Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401E weighs just 29 pounds, making it suitable for those who don’t want to tow a heavy mower. This lighter weight is more valuable because this is not a self-propelled mower, and you will drive it yourself.

The Sun Joe MJ401E 14-inch mower is our cheapest at just $99 and the easiest to stock. Its compact size makes it the ideal mower for small farms and pruning jobs. It is straightforward to pick up and move around and comes with a handy storage system.

It is not your typical passenger mower. However, its lightweight, short wheelbase, and small wheels make it a little unstable on roots and crevices.

Adjusting blade height was the hardest of the Sun Joe lawnmowers we tested. The mower uses solid shafts, front and rear, and the shafts are positioned under the mower in a three-edged system. Remove the spring pins from their positions and move them up or down to change the cutting height. It is a challenging exercise.

Sun Joe will also win in the Best Compact Car category. At only 14 inches tall, it is designed for small farms. For only $74, it’s good for your wallet. But don’t be fooled by the size or the price. This mini lawnmower has received great reviews from customers who were pleasantly surprised by the ability to handle thick, dense grass.

The Sun Joe 14″ MJ401E setup was stunning, with an excellent (vintage) mount design for surprisingly comfortable cushioned handles, but the low price proves it: This mower feels like a toy. Although it is more flexible than most other lawnmowers, it is flexible, light, and straightforward.

Easy To Use

The Sun Joe MJ401E 14-inch setup was excellent, with a sleek (old) mounting design for surprisingly comfortable plush handles, but the low price proves it: This mower feels like a toy. Although it is more flexible than most other lawnmowers, it is flexible, light, and straightforward.

Another disappointment was the fine-tuning of the height, which uses a spring-loaded adjuster on each wheel hub and allows the mower to swivel on its side for adjustment. Three settings are enough for primary lawn care.

Key Features

Construction: The Sun Joe MJ401E is not a proper “male” mower. The pure green color and plastic construction give it a softer feel. Hell, you could even say he’s cute.

Design: It is basically a barefoot design. You get everything you need to mow your garden without frills.

Motor: I am very impressed with the 12 amp motor with the 14-inch tire. It delivers excellent power to cut diameter ratio! But what does this mean? That means the mower can mow well and doesn’t go down much (as long as the tasks you give it are realistic, it’s not the most powerful mower!).

Push Button Start:

The Sun Joe MJ401E has a standard push-button start that can be found on almost every electric lawnmower. You have to push the red button (the gear is attached to the handlebars) and pull the safety lever toward the handlebars.

Safety Lever: The safety lever is on the far right, which means you can only operate it with your right hand. It extends up to the handlebars, though, and is comfortable to hold (not uncomfortable) while getting the job done.

Cutting Deck: The tire is only 14 inches wide, making it more suitable for small lawns.

Wheels: The wheels are 6″ (front and rear) plastic. These wheels are not designed to ride well on uneven surfaces and roll better on flat, undercut surfaces.

Height adjustment: When controlling trim height, you have 3 different settings, the highest being 2.4 inches. This is a manual height adjustment system (not a single lever system as with other advanced models). You have to rotate the mower, and you will see 3 slots per wheel. Below is a spring-loaded mechanism that needs to be inserted into the slot of your choice. It takes a few minutes longer to do it manually, but you don’t have to change it often.

Grass bag: It also features a superior hardback pocket to accommodate mowers, great for an entry-level mower.


  • Compact size is convenient for storage
  • low price
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to store


  • Corded
  • Difficult to adjust the height
  • Not efficient for large yards

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