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Top 3 Best Free Ways To Earn Money Online

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Earn Money online

Tired of seeing a lot of blog, articles, and videos on the internet that tells you how to earn money online? It’s not just you! It’s not just you!

Many people need free ways to earn money online, and they are especially looking for opportunities where they can do this at home. Maybe you are looking for a side hustle or a permanent income stream.

Since there are a lot of pieces of information online telling “how to earn money fast”, “earn money online in a lazy way”, or more baits that lead people to confusion. Sometimes these also lead some to use their cards to sign up for false courses. Then losing money that is supposed to be for emergency use only.

Fortunately, there are the top 3 best free ways to earn money online, meaning, without spending a cent on equipment or those courses. Some also have these as one of their side hustle.

Let us talk about these proven and long-term ways to do that!

How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything?

There are the top 3 best free ways to earn money online or as a side hustle. Here are the lists below:

1. Become an Etsy Seller for Digital Products

You might think what do you mean, I have to design? I’m no graphic artist!

Creating digital products using the right tools does not require someone to be a graphic artist. Most Etsy sellers who sell digital products use Canva to create their designs. There are a lot of templates that can be used using the free version. But if you want to find more templates, artwork, fonts, and pictures, there is a 30-day free trial. You will not spend a cent for 30 days while using the pro version.

Well, now that you can design your choice of digital product to sell on Etsy, you can now upload your listings!

You can check out one of my favorite YouTubers. They give genuine advice and content to fellow Etsy sellers if you want to learn more.

In just a few hours, you can create a simple design like this gratitude journal with just basic Canva design knowledge.

Why do I suggest becoming an Etsy seller?

This is a place where you can start your own business. However, for you to sell something you need to learn at least designing simple designs and techniques to show your listings to customers.

You acquire knowledge, apply them and then earn. You are not spending any cent here! Instead, you are building a place to earn money passively in the near future.

Maybe at first, you will be required to take a few hours to upload your listings. But after doing these for more than two months you can harvest your income.

Just follow the advice of Brandon on his YouTube channel and you are good. ( I don’t know him personally but I’ve been following him because his content really helps.)

2. Sign Up, Be an Amazon Affiliate For Earn Money Online

Let’s dive into affiliate marketing! Honestly, this is one of the best ways to earn passive income. One way to do that is to sign up for Amazon Associates Program.

This allows anyone whether you are a creator, influencer, blogger, looking for a side hustle, or just someone who wants free ways to earn money online, this is for you.

After becoming an Amazon Affiliate, you can earn a percentage of sales that come in through the post you have uploaded, containing your Amazon affiliate link. This should look like this https://amzn.to/3O1pzPr, will then leads your viewers to that specific page on Amazon, this is an Amazon Affiliate Link.

If you are a little confused or want to start your journey now, check out Nate’s tutorial on doing so. Again, he’s someone I followed on Instagram before because despite being young, he’s already financially free.

You might be wondering why you should be following this tip but continue reading below.

Why become an Amazon Associate?

The Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates has the potential to help you earn money passively. It is an income stream that helps people earn money as a side hustle. These are for bloggers, creators, and anyone who wants a long-term place to earn commissions.

As a website owner, this will allow you to get traffic while featuring Amazon products on your website. There are a lot of different products to choose from. Just pick what you are most interested in and promote it on your website. It is best to have one niche for a website and another niche for your other website. This is to rank higher in a specific niche and get more views.

Supposing you do not have yet your own site, posting on social media is a great way to promote Amazon products. Just bare in mind in following the rules in terms and conditions for your account to not be suspended.

Becoming an Amazon Associate is a lucrative best free way to earn money online. You can generate revenue without capital and even if you are not a marketing expert.

3. Become a Freelancer

Well, you are seeing this word everywhere. But, becoming a Freelancer is one of the top 3 best free ways to earn money online

Just build the skills!

A Freelancer doing work in front of his computer.

This is why I said that there is no way to earn money in a lazy way because honestly, those who are saying this have already built their skills. Now that they are making their income passively because of the skills they have developed, their sweat during their learning, and the time used during their research.

In order to become a Freelancer, building the skill is important, there are a lot of ways to learn something you are interested in and passionate about. You can learn that for free online, through free youtube courses, and more. You do not need to spend a single dime. Many people have done that and many have their Freelancing journey ongoing because of hard work and passion for learning.

Why Freelancing?

You can check out the 10 Types of Freelance Jobs Online (Plus Tips for Starting) for more ideas.

As you can see, Freelancing is the most popular for those who want free ways to earn money online. A side hustle in the comfort of their home and for those who are tired of dealing with the corporate world. Because there are various sectors and Freelancing has now a very wide category to choose from, there are more opportunities for anyone.

Some enjoy writing has become Content Writer, Copy Writer, and a lot more. Although this skill is not easy to build, however, if you are a passionate writer who wants to share anything online then for it. If you are starting and cannot afford to have your own website, you can write on a publishing platform called Medium. Many beginner writers are starting there.

Being a passionate learner and working for your goals give you enough experience and gain skills to use to earn money online. Remember, you are not spending a single dime here.

To Summarize

There are the top 3 free ways to earn money online while in the comfort of your home. These are for long-term income and revenue that are free and you will need to learn the knowledge needed, apply it to get skills, and finally have these as your side hustle or your permanent income streams.

"The fruit of your labor is a delicious reward for the seeds of hard work you've sown." - Karen Downing

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