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Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower

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Honda HRX217VKA

The 21-inch Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower is a natural choice for the best gas-powered lawnmower, but since this class is generally the smartest choice for the average homeowner, it’ll also be a better all-around mower. Moreover, this mower deserves attention at a reasonable price. The Honda GCV200 engine starts quickly and has enough power to drive the rear wheels. Honda puts the Select Drive controls at your fingertips to match the mower’s exact speed to your walking pace—not with a lever, but with an actual leash. Above all, it is safe. The flywheel brake stops the engine quickly when you release the brake lever.

Tire damage is one of the most common reasons people need to replace lawnmowers, but Honda NeXite tires use some of the best materials in the industry. And from below, it uses air pressure to spin the grass longer for better chopping and chopping. From here, the mower’s working end relies on the twin blades, which you can set from 0.75 to 4 inches above the ground. Speaking of covering, you can quickly switch between stacking (bag capacity is 2.5 bushels), capping, and emptying with a simple lever.

Whether it’s a car, a generator, or a lawnmower, Honda engines are hard to beat when it comes to reliability and durability, and that’s the case with a self-propelled lawnmower. The powerful 171 cc engine drives not one but two blades for excellent cutting performance compared to most other single-blade mowers.


This rear-wheel-drive mower is ideal for farms with slopes and uneven terrain. The engine is phenomenal, and so is the performance. An easy-to-use cutting system makes it easy to switch between the three mowing modes (mulch, side ejection, and bag), and intelligent speed controls enhance the quality of this premium self-propelled mower.

However, This self-propelled mower offers convenient and easy operation with Honda Select Drive (intuitive variable speed flywheel) and Versamow systems designed to cover, pick, loosen and shred sheets without extra effort. It features a powerful 190cc rear-wheel drive engine designed to make it easier to navigate tall grass or mountainous terrain.

It provides a smooth cut at seven levels, although you have to adjust the lever on each wheel separately. In addition, the large capacity collection bag is conveniently located, reducing the need to empty it.

Maintenance Of Honda HRX217VKA

The Honda HRX217VKA 21-inch riding mower comes with many of the features you’d expect from a modern riding mower and a little more. Equipped with an impressive 200cc engine, this self-propelled riding mower is

However, The Honda HRX217VKA makes lawn maintenance easy with the rocker switch, you can adjust the speed of your mower with the “selective” function, set the cutting length to one of seven options, remove the grass clippings the way you like, and choose between shredding, collecting or discarding destruction of foliage.

In Suggestmeshop review, we’ll take a closer look at these features and give you an idea of ​​what to expect. In addition, we will see how users rate the Honda HRX217VKA and whether there are more affordable options that perform the same function.

If the Honda HRX217VKA lawnmower isn’t for you, check out our Buyer’s Guide to the Best Gasoline Lawn Mowers. If you’re looking for an electric lawnmower, our guide to the best lawnmowers has more options.

Features for the Honda HRX217VKA

The Honda HRX217VKA self-propelled lawn mower features a variable speed drive, which allows you to set the speed from 0 to 6 mph using the adjustable handlebars on the handlebars. Compost, bag, litter, and shredded leaves.

Select the drive system – easily adjust the speed by turning the cruise control knob. Then activate the Select Drive control for easy and comfortable speed control up to 4 mph.

Versamow System: 4-in-1 shredding options (fertilizer, bag, litter, and leaves). Honda Versamow Clip Director allows you to control the number of weeds sent to the collector or recycled for cover. Choose between a whole bag or a whole compost, or one of the seven steps between these two preparations.

MicroCut Twin Blade System: The two-bladed MicroCut system results in a smaller cutting size, which results in better quality mulch for cutting grass and better packaging as the mesh fits better in the collection bag.

NeXite Cutting Deck: The Honda HRX217VKA cutting surface is made of NeXite, a durable, impact-resistant polymer material. This frame has a lifetime warranty and is scratch, rust, and corrosion-resistant. HRX217VKA tires are also designed to extend grass turnover time and produce high-quality fertilizer.

Honda GCV200 Engine: The Honda GCV200 engine is a high-quality, high-performance CARB-compliant engine with an automatic throttle for easy starting.

Folding Handle: The quick-release handle allows for easy height adjustment for storage without tools or accessories.


  • Two cutting blades.
  • Powerful and reliable engine.
  • Intuitive speed controls.
  • The clip system makes changing cutting modes easy.
  • Self-propelled.
  • No tools/attachments are needed for mulching or shredding leaves.


  • Expensive.
  • Pull-start.

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