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EGO Power + LB6504 Cordless Leaf Blower

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EGO Power + LB6504


  • Brushless motor
  • Cruise control
  • High power output
  • Average runtime of 90 minutes
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Includes two nozzle options


  • Heavy
  • Need two hands to operate cruise control
  • Loud charger fan
  • Heavy for a battery-powered blower
  • Expensive

If you are looking for maximum power and portability, the Ego Power + LB6504 Amazon Leaf Blower could be a perfect choice. This battery-powered fan should handle most household tasks with ease. However, if you encounter heavy, wet, or stubborn dirt, you can hit the turbo button for a temporary air supply.

The Ego LB6504’s variable speed trigger also makes it easy to dial into the exact power level you’re looking at, and the cruise control knob allows you to lock in that speed at any time. This feature will be handy for low-power applications where you don’t want to keep pulling the launcher all the time.

I also like the flat bottom design of this fan, which means it won’t tip over. Reducing the risks of tipping, scratching, or biting will extend the life of your device.

The Ego LB6504 brushless motor is another valuable feature. Of course, I always recommend using brushless tools if you have the opportunity.

Ego is one of the most versatile streetwear brands today, and if you’re thinking of starting a group, it’s worth joining. If you have more than one, you can mix and match batteries and reduce charging time.

The impressive power and drive times of the Ego LB6504 make it relatively heavy. However, if you can handle a few extra pounds, this blower is a good alternative.

Performance Of EGO Power + LB6504

Quickly clean your garden with the EGO Power + 56V battery blower. It is easy to operate with a variable speed tractor equipped with cruise control and a turbo button to increase the speed to 650 feet per minute. Suggestmeshop testing found that the taller-than-average blower body and tube cut more through the bush than others, with enough force to remove built-up dirt and felt covers. Much of the extra weight comes from the massive battery, giving this fan the longest running time.

We liked that this fan moves more air when the turbo button is pressed but wondered why the maximum power wasn’t increased by pressing the button. The battery also weighs a lot more than the others, which makes us wonder if it makes sense to add more weight for more extended use. Nevertheless, this fan has the highest airflow capacity of any battery-powered fan we tested.

Many people think that battery-powered blowers are not as powerful as wired models, but the EGO Power+ proves otherwise. This electric blower is real power up to 180mph and 650cfm or turbo cfm. It can even run on low power for up to 200 minutes so that you can clean more of your yard with every charge.

The EGO Power+ blower has a speed regulation from 225 to 500 cubic feet per minute, and the ergonomic design is well-balanced, making it easy to carry. It comes with flat and conical nozzles, and the 5 Ah battery charges in just 100 minutes, so you can get back to work faster.

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