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Bose’s second-generation QuietComfort 2

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The other big change is the earphones. Bose replaced the one-piece tips of the StayEar wings with a two-piece Fit Kit system that includes separate tips and three sizes of “Stability Straps,” giving you more flexibility for a snug fit and a watertight seal. The buds will initially ship in triple black with a sandstone color later in the year. Bose’s second true wireless attempt, QuietComfort earphones outpace earlier SoundSport Free model in speed and performance.

Design Upgrade and Flawless Noise Reduction

Not only is the design much better, but the noise reduction is also perfect. 10 noise cancellation levels offer top-tier performance, delivering unmatched noise reduction quality among headphones in the market. The sound quality is also very good, albeit a little is less loud than the Sony’s, with excellent clarity. It’s incredibly comfortable and well-balanced, too, despite its bulky form factor.

In Mumford & Sons’ ‘Delta,’ instruments harmonized elegantly with vocals, even capturing hauntingly clear background nuances, demonstrating remarkable audio depth.

The charging case could hold more power, but wireless charging means it can easily charge throughout the day. The only real annoyance is the lack of built-in volume controls, but you quickly get used to that.

Bose QuietComfort II is the most powerful noise-canceling headphone on the market. Of all our top picks, these do the best job of providing peace from the cacophony of everyday life and putting you in a private bubble with your favorite music playlists or podcasts.

Sound Quality and Fit Reimagined in QC Earbuds II

Smaller than original, QC Earbuds II & case lack wireless charging, maintaining compactness while sacrificing some features. The sound quality is rich, and dynamic and gives out more bass than, say, Apple’s AirPods Pro. New two-part adapter/stabilizer process enhances fit, ensuring Bose’s flagship headphones are comfortable for various ear sizes.

($249 at Bose): While the charging case is a bit larger than most, the water-resistant (IPX4-rated) earphones offer a compact, non-separable design that fits snugly. They are 30% smaller than their predecessors. Bose faithfully implements patented adjustable noise reduction. The earphones emit a tone so they can learn the unique shape of the user’s ear canal. Through the app, meanwhile, you can manually adjust the Quiet (noise reduction) and Aware (transparency) modes, as well as adjust the entire EQ (bass, mid, and treble) or choose from various audio presets. The base of each speaker also features touch-sensitive controls that are convenient and easy to use. The headphones last up to six hours on a single battery charge and come with a charging case (but they don’t charge wirelessly).

Performance and Limitations

I found that the four microphones in each earphone improve noise cancellation and allow for clear phone conversations. Unsuitable for water or intense activities, these headphones excel in everyday use and provide ideal noise isolation during travel. Noise reduction turns a leaf blower’s loud noise into a mere whine, greatly enhancing my work environment and enjoyment.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 excel in noise cancellation and sound quality. Perfect for immersive travel, work, or home isolation.


Best-in-class ANC
Rich and clear sound
wireless charging


The volume control on the panel is missing

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