Cassida 5520 Money Counter
Cassida 5520 UV/MG – USA Money Counter
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UV, MG, and IR counterfeit detection features enhance security by identifying fraudulent notes.

Large LCD allows for easy reading of count results and settings adjustments.

A fast counting speed of 1,300 notes per minute improves efficiency in cash-handling tasks.
Regular maintenance and occasional calibration may be necessary to ensure accurate performance over time.
Kolibri Money Counter Machine
Kolibri Money Counter Machine
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Advanced fake detection features enhance security by identifying counterfeit bills effectively.

LCD provides clear visibility of count results and settings adjustments.

Single-denomination cash counting capability streamlines the process for specific currency types.
Certain counterfeit detection methods may not be as comprehensive as those found in more advanced models.

Some users may find the machine’s operation to be noisy, especially in high-volume counting environments.
Cassida 6600 UV–Grade Money Counter
Cassida 6600 UV–Grade Money Counter
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ValuCount feature accurately calculates the total value of mixed bills, improving efficiency in cash processing.

User-friendly interface and LCD make it easy to operate and monitor count results.
The machine may be relatively expensive compared to basic currency counters without advanced features.

Certain types of worn or damaged bills may pose challenges for accurate counting, requiring manual intervention.
MyLifeUNIT Pancake Batter Dispenser
Royal Sovereign Money Counter
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High-speed bill counting capability enables rapid processing of large volumes of cash, enhancing operational efficiency.

Add and batch modes offer flexibility in counting and organizing cash, catering to different cash-handling needs.

User-friendly interface and controls make operation straightforward, minimizing the learning curve for users.
Some users may find the machine to be relatively noisy during operation, which could be disruptive in quieter work environments.

While UV and MG counterfeit detection are effective, they may not detect more sophisticated counterfeit bills with certain security features.

The only solution to your money management problems is the Money Calculator. No matter how good you are at money management, there is always room for error. Skipping a few pennies could ruin your checkout; In addition, it takes longer. Then the cash register will benefit you. It is not just a money-counting machine, but an ideal ATM that saves time and effort while improving accuracy. That’s not all; The portable money counter has become important because it prevents counterfeit money from being used in transactions. Whether you have an exclusive store or restaurant, a portable money counter is a must. That’s why Suggestmeshop put together a list of the best financial calculators for 2023.

This is a typical situation for most cash-intensive small businesses. The accountant counts a large amount of money and makes a mistake that he discovers too late, which affects the company’s operations and planning. These miscalculations can also lead to lost business, employee frustration, and customer inconvenience. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of calculators. These devices can count large amounts of cash quickly, accurately, and without errors. Some portable money counter can detect counterfeit banknotes. So, if you are looking for a money calculator to make your business run better, we have a very useful article for you. We’ve reviewed the best financial calculators of 2023 and put together a detailed buying guide to help you buy the right product for you. So why wait? Let’s start counting now!

Buying Guide: Portable Money Counter Machines

What To Look For in a Money Counter Machine

If you seek a product with advanced features, consider one that boasts an advanced design. Generally, you can find cash counters that are small in size, light in weight, and easy to transport.

Counterfeit detection:

It is undesirable to deal with counterfeit money, but it is impossible to detect it with the naked eye. The portable money counter helps by using various detection methods such as infrared sensors, ultraviolet sensors, thickness and size analysis, and more. These detection methods detect fake banknotes in milliseconds.

Mixed denomination detection:

Money counters are very organized, even during the counting procedures. The mixed denomination detection function recognizes and separates banknotes of different quantities, images, and colors. This way you can see how many banknotes of different denominations you have.


Speed ​​is the most important thing because the idea behind the portable money counter is to shorten the time. You can control the counting time of the machine according to your needs, but a higher speed is preferred because it consumes less electricity. The ideal way to test speed is to measure the number of measurements per minute.

Benefits of Portable Money Counter Machines

Time efficiency:

Counting coins can be daunting, especially when different values ​​are used interchangeably. If you’re a small business, you spend most of your time counting and organizing bills, but not if you have a cash register. This device saves time by counting and organizing bills in seconds.


People can often add or subtract values ​​from calculations, especially when large sums of money are involved. Fortunately, the money calculator does not add or subtract values ​​and gives accurate results. It counts each invoice separately and double-checks it before showing the total.

Scam detection:

It is impossible to detect counterfeit banknotes with the naked eye, which is very common. With the portable money counter, you can easily spot counterfeit banknotes, because the device has different detection modes. The device also notifies you immediately if counterfeit banknotes arrive.


Cash registers are widely used in businesses and restaurants, and banks cannot imagine their operations without this invention due to the convenience it provides to their employees. Even if it is foreign currency, this machine can be very useful to recognize and count all banknotes.

How To Maintain a Money Counter Machine

The recommended way to take care of a cash register is to sort the items in the slots, especially the trash can. Be sure to remove all coins, paper clips, and small items, leaving room for cash only. All of these little things may seem too small to damage anything, but they can get completely stuck in the car. It is important to clean the portable money counter periodically or at least dust it. After all, it is a machine that needs maintenance. We recommend cleaning the device once or twice a week, depending on how often you use the device. Use a dry cloth or a mild solution to clean the outside of the laptop and the tissue paper on the inside.

The quickest and most effective way to clean the inside of a cash register is with a cleaning card. All you have to do is insert the card into the cash register and turn on the machine. It cleans all the channels through which the banknotes pass and absorbs debris, leaving the inside free of dust.

Types of money counters

Designers create banknote counters to count and sort banknotes. These machines can count the number of banknotes and determine the value of the coins being counted.

Billing Calculator:

This type of portable money counter only counts bills. It has a rear-loading design with a pocket that can hold several banknotes denominated in different denominations and placed in the front pocket accordingly. These machines are ideal for banks because they need to count large amounts of banknotes at once.

Coin counters:

Coin counters, which exclusively tally coins, are termed coin counters, and they resemble banknote counters, albeit with a slight alteration in design. The machine features a coin receiver that deposits uncounted coins into the counting area, where they are subsequently removed and tallied. Then these counted coins fall into the bag from the bottom.

Mixed money counter:

As the name suggests, mixed money counters count banknotes and coins. After introducing and classifying both types, they also identify counterfeit money. Business owners generally avoid these machines due to their high prices, even though they sell in large numbers.

Anyone who regularly handles large amounts of cash or coins should have the best money-counting machine to be able to quickly and accurately count or sort banknotes or coins. When choosing the best cash registers, consider whether you need a machine to count money or coins. Then narrow your options based on your budget, as well as the device’s power, speed, and ability to detect counterfeit banknotes. Our list below shows the best options, including bill-counting machines and coin-counting and sorting machines.

Cash registers are indispensable machines that every company must have, especially machines that handle a lot of cash. This bill-counting machine can count large amounts of money in minutes, saving you time and helping you get closer to your billing at the end of the day or the end of the cycle. To make your job easier, after extensive research we have compared different models and identified five products that offer the best value for money.

The best money counters are fast and accurate and have advanced features such as sorting and counterfeit currency detection, as well as portability and low noise. Best money calculators:

There are so many money counters on the market that it is not easy to find a good one. Good money counters have advanced features such as counterfeit banknote detection technology, which can detect counterfeit money, half coins, torn banknotes, and all counterfeit and unusable banknotes. As a result, they protect your company from loss. This is why these machines are essential for banks, shops, hotels, and anyone who handles large sums of money.

Factors to consider when choosing the best money calculator

Office Ticket Counters:

Office ticket counters are the most common and fastest. They also have a huge container in which you can store more banknotes.

Portable ticket counter:

It is the smallest and slowest. As a result, they are ideal for fundraising events, small to medium-sized bank and credit unions, and fundraisers. In terms of performance, they work in the same way as bill-counting machines but are smaller.
Sorter: This machine is a unique type of counting machine as it can scan, count and sort banknotes according to their denominations.

Mixed denomination calculator:

Mixed denominations allow banknotes of different denominations to be easily recognized and calculated. In terms of accuracy, it is very accurate and can automatically determine the value of the coin.

Bill Counter:

Bill counters only count the number of banknotes, without the denomination. This means that they will only show you the number of invoices reviewed, not the total amount of money. If you mix banknotes of different denominations and put them into the machine, the machine will count all the denominations without separating them. Therefore banknote counters are only suitable for counting identical denominations.

Automated Teller Machines:

These machines are designed to handle large amounts of cash. It is very efficient and suitable for banks, casinos, or other companies that have a lot of money in their business.
Non-bank grade cash registers. If you have a retail business, these machines will do the trick.

Sorting and counting money takes time. Time is valuable. Therefore, it makes sense to make the process of recalculating funds as accurate, fast, and painless as possible.

Banks, government agencies, churches, and businesses such as restaurants, stores, and retail stores invest in and rely on cash registers. However, some people remain skeptical, mainly because it looks so simple, almost like a scam, when in reality these machines can rule out scams by providing instant accuracy and detection of counterfeit coins.

How do cash registers work? Most machines are easy to use, portable, and require little or no training. But a little extra knowledge can save you time and money. There are many benefits to using cash management technology.

What are the currency distinctions?

Currency highlighters offer the additional advantage of displaying the dollar value of the counted money. Instead of sorting banknotes of the same denomination and placing them on the change counter, these machines enable users to input different banknotes. The machine scans and recognizes each note using color image sensors (CIS). It calculates the total number of banknotes by summing up each denomination. The detection process for counterfeiting involves employing various methods, including ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG), and infrared (IR) detection. These machines can process both new and used banknotes, and some have the added advantage of filtering dust and dirt from used banknotes.

It pays to take the time to learn about the many currency management options and how they work. Every company or organization has its own needs.


The Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter offers efficient and accurate cash counting, ideal for businesses and organizations seeking reliability. With its advanced features and robust design, this money counter streamlines the cash-handling process while providing comprehensive counterfeit detection capabilities.

The Cassida 5520 boasts ValuCount technology, accurately totaling the currency’s value being counted, making it a standout feature. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that deal with large volumes of cash and need precise financial reporting. UV/MG/IR counterfeit detection heightens security by utilizing ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared sensors to identify counterfeit bills, mitigating the risk of accepting fake currency.

The Cassida 5520 provides Add and Batch modes, enabling users to combine counts from multiple sessions or group bills into preset quantities. This versatility caters to a wide range of cash-handling needs, from retail stores to banks and casinos.

Equipped with a large LCD, the Cassida 5520 provides clear and easy-to-read counting results, minimizing errors and improving efficiency. The Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter offers a rapid counting speed of 1,300 notes per minute, facilitating efficient cash processing.

Designed for durability and reliability, the Cassida 5520 is built to withstand heavy daily use in commercial environments. Its sleek and compact design makes it suitable for various settings, from small retail stores to large financial institutions.

The Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter offers unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and security in cash handling. The KOLIBRI Money Counter offers advanced features and reliable performance, making it essential for businesses to streamline cash management and counterfeit protection.


The KOLIBRI Money Counter Machine revolutionizes cash-handling technology, providing businesses with a reliable solution for counting currency with enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

One of the key features of the KOLIBRI Money Counter is its advanced fake detection capabilities. The machine’s advanced sensors ensure accurate detection of counterfeit bills, safeguarding businesses from financial losses and maintaining transaction integrity.

The KOLIBRI Money Counter processes cash at 1,500 bills per minute, boosting productivity for businesses with fast and efficient cash handling.

The Add and Batch modes offered by the KOLIBRI Money Counter provide additional flexibility in cash handling. The Add mode allows users to continuously add bills to the count, while the Batch mode enables users to preset the desired number of bills for easier organization and handling.

Featuring a user-friendly LCD, the KOLIBRI Money Counter provides clear and easy-to-read counting results, minimizing errors and improving accuracy. Additionally, the machine is backed by US customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and reliable service for users.

The KOLIBRI Money Counter Machine is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that deal with large volumes of cash. With its advanced fake detection capabilities, fast counting speed, and user-friendly features, it streamlines the cash-handling process and helps businesses maintain accuracy and efficiency in their financial operations.


The Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter with ValuCount (6600UV) represents a pinnacle of efficiency and accuracy in cash handling, designed to meet the rigorous demands of businesses, financial institutions, and retail environments. Boasting advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Cassida 6600UV sets a new standard for currency counting and counterfeit detection.

The Cassida 6600UV’s ValuCount function calculates the total value of bills counted, not just the quantity, aiding businesses in accurate and efficient monetary tallies.

The Cassida 6600UV swiftly detects counterfeit bills using ultraviolet (UV) technology, identifying UV security features present in authentic currency. This ensures that businesses can confidently authenticate their cash transactions and safeguard themselves against fraudulent activities.

The Cassida 6600UV boasts rapid counting speeds, managing up to 1,400 bills per minute, ideal for businesses handling substantial cash volumes. Its high-speed operation helps streamline cash processing workflows, improving productivity and reducing operational costs.

Furthermore, the Cassida 6600UV is designed with user convenience in mind. The user-friendly interface and spacious LCD screen simplify operation, with features like add and batch modes enhancing currency counting efficiency.

The Cassida 6600UV is a durable and dependable currency counter designed for commercial use, ensuring efficient and secure counting.


The RBC-100N from Royal Sovereign offers businesses dealing with large cash volumes an efficient solution with advanced features and user-friendly functionality.

At the heart of the RBC-100N is its high-speed counting capability, capable of processing up to 1,200 bills per minute. This rapid counting speed enables businesses to efficiently handle large quantities of cash, saving time and manpower in the process.

The RBC-100N offers additional features such as add and batch modes, providing users with flexibility in counting and organizing currency. Add mode enables consecutive counting of bill batches, while batch mode presets a specific number of bills for efficient cash management.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly controls, the RBC-100N is easy to operate, even for personnel with minimal training. The large LCD provides clear visibility of counting results, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in cash processing tasks.

The Royal Sovereign RBC-100N High-Speed Bill Counter with UV/MG Counterfeit Detection is essential for businesses streamlining cash-handling operations.

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