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Beats Fit Pro

The champion of fitness headphones, the Powerbeats Pro, has finally been defeated. And rightfully so, they’ve been outdone by the latest Beats headphones. Beats Fit Pro swaps Powerbeat hooks for wingtip design, ensuring secure fit during intense workouts for an active experience. As a result, these headphones have a much smaller design and thankfully their carrying case is more manageable. The earbuds’ magnetic case lock eliminates concerns of partial charging, addressing the Powerbeats Pro’s common issue, offering convenience.

These earbuds provide useful iOS integration and a satisfying listening experience for users, despite differing design from AirPods Pro. Instead of a stem, they have a tapered tip, which ensures that each earplug fits securely in the ear. It also relies on physical controls rather than touch. You can’t manually adjust spatial sound and noise reduction, like many other headphones I’ve tested. The charging case does not have a wireless charging function, it is a bit big and feels cheap. However, the headphones have found themselves to be good companions when I’m working out in the gym, for example.

Unlike the Powerbeats Pro, the Fit Pro includes active noise cancellation. And in this respect, they’re similar to the AirPods Pro, so you can work out without distractions. If you want to pay attention to your surroundings, Transparency mode is also as natural and clear as it is on the AirPods Pros.

Water Resistance and Durability in Fit Pros

The headphones have an IPX4 water resistance rating. While not as rugged as dedicated fitness headphones, it can endure sweat and outdoor runs in diverse conditions. Fit Pros feature intuitive physical button controls. While missing Powerbeats Pro’s dedicated volume tweak, you can long-press earbuds to adjust volume and noise cancellation.

With iPhone ownership, Fit Pro provides exclusive Apple features: dynamic head tracking, auto device switching, Find My integration, and more. Android users can utilize the Beats app for adjusting settings, battery status, and more, enhancing headphone experience.

Beats Fit Pro is best for iOS users who have an active lifestyle. The culmination of Apple and Beats’ greatest triumph, they’ve packed AirPods Pro-like performance into an updated Studio Beats design. Great sound quality with proprietary driver; maintains bass while balancing frequencies for clear mids and detailed highs. Inclusion of spatial audio enriches 3D sound experience, a first for Beats products, enhancing their audio capabilities. Common features of the H1 Wizard are available, including automatic switching between Apple devices and FindMy for locating missing buttons. We also appreciated the integrated wingtips, which keep the tips secure during intense workouts.

Android users can enjoy audio updates, though all other iOS-related features remain exclusive to iPhone and iPad users. The lack of features available in the Android app also limits what the Fit Pro can do on Google’s mobile platform.

Fit Pro vs. AirPods Pro

Following third-gen AirPods, Apple introduces a new headphone line through its audio subsidiary, Beats, marking another audio innovation. Technically, Beats Fit Pro ($200) isn’t AirPods, but they utilize the same technology platform as AirPods Pro. Differing from older, cheaper Beats Studio Buds, Beats Fit Pro boasts Apple H1 chip, plus most AirPods Pro features: ANC, spatial sound, adaptive equalization. I’d even go so far as to call them the AirPods I always wanted to sport. And for some people, they may be better than the AirPods Pro.

Not only do the Beats Fit Pro do everything the AirPods Pro does, but they do it with more style, a better fit, and more comfort. Add to that a more universal USB-C charging case and Android compatibility via the Beats app, and you’re good not only for Apple headphones, but also great headphones for work, and now our wireless headphones.

True to its name, the Beats Fit Pro offers exceptional fit and comfort. The rubber earcups feature a wingtip design, which keeps them in place under extreme exertion and provides increased support for your indoor monitors without feeling bulky or heavy. They’re more compact than the Beats Powerbeats Pro, but they do feel cramped. as insurance during training.

With Apple devices like iPhone, enjoy complete AirPods experience: Earbud fit test, ANC, Transparent mode, Adaptive EQ, Spatial sound, Siri control, direct pairing.


Powerful ANC and Transparency modes
Support for dynamic audio and spatial audio
Respectable battery life
Comfortable and secure fit


Some features are exclusive to Apple devices
Android app is limited

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