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AirPods Pro Second Generation

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AirPods Pro Second Generation

AirPods Pro second generation is even more compact with support for wireless charging. Setting it up is as easy as opening the cover near your iPhone. The headphones are lightweight and use well in most ears. The force-sensor controls are easy to pull down, and with the second-generation model, Apple added small one-press volume controls. AirPods Pro excelled in Wi-Fi sound quality; furthermore, replacements uphold the legacy, delivering satisfying audio performance without any letdowns. Additionally, ANC has been upgraded from Sony’s original version, now proving effective. Moreover, the Transparency mode quickly diminishes surrounding loud sounds, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Second-gen AirPods Pro offer Apple ecosystem users appealing blend of superior noise cancellation and upgraded sound compared to originals. Packed with features like spatial audio, iCloud syncing, and audio sharing, it’s the ideal companion for Apple’s ecosystem.

AirPods shine with distinct Apple traits: spatial audio head tracking, auto-switching across devices, robust Find My integration, and more. The charging case now has a built-in speaker and the U1 chip for precise location tracking. AirPods Pro 2 boasts enhanced noise/sound cancellation, while retaining seamless Apple hardware ecosystem integration, outperforming the originals.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 are premium headphones that offer enhanced audio performance and amazing ANC in a comfortable and familiar design similar to Apple AirPods. But it’s a much better option if you have an iPhone than if you don’t.

AirPods Pro Experience with Pro 2 Buds

The Pro 2 Buds are a huge step up from the original AirPods Pro. The design changes are minor, but the audio performance has been updated with new drivers and amplifiers. In our testing, we rated the sound delivered by the Pro 2 as excellent: there’s rich bass across all genres and a wide, expansive soundstage.

ANC has also been improved and works remarkably well, blocking out almost all external noise. Transparency mode is now even more convenient because it’s customizable so you can have natural conversations when you don’t want to take your headphones off.

Battery life grows 6 hrs ANC on, 30 hrs w/ case. Case is IPX4 water resistant, has speakerphone & search feature. Original AirPods Pro still valid if cheaper; Pro 2 competes strongly, vying for the headphone throne. The ANC is top-notch, and if you’re an iPhone user, we’d even recommend the Pro 2 over the Sony WF-1000XM4s. Like Sony’s headphones, they’re great for any use, providing great sound and style in a pair of headphones you’ll enjoy wearing all day.

Synergy with Apple Ecosystem

Transitioning from Macs to mobiles, Apple AirPods Pro 2 elevate sound, providing heightened realism and an immersive experience. Moreover, each successive AirPods generation enhances sound quality, noise cancellation, battery life, and more, enriching their synergy with Apple devices. In summary, my comprehensive review of these headphones reveals the following insights.

Thanks to surrounding sound with dynamic head tracking, I always felt like I was in the middle of a scene and not just watching it. When listening to audio from TV shows or movies produced for surround sound playback, the headphones mimic that experience perfectly. Even if I move my head, the sound automatically adapts to my movements.

These headphones complete the immersive listening experience with enhanced noise cancellation. Within minutes of wearing these headphones, I was instantly able to tell the difference. These headphones better adapt the level of noise cancellation to the environment, and the modified ambient sound created an immersive cocoon, especially when watching movies or TV shows.


Excellent active noise cancellation
Very high sound quality
Great features when used with iPhone
Listen to audio from any Apple computer or mobile device
Experience spatial audio with dynamic head tracking
Hear the sound with the adaptive equalizer


Average battery life
There is no lossy support
You are not a user of an Apple computer or mobile device

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